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Santosh is a mechanical engineer, who chased his passion of improving quality in school education. A co-founder and Director at MANTRA, Santosh has 7+ years of work experience across IT (Infosys) and development sector.

He was a Teach for India fellow from the first cohort in 2009 where he taught 40 kids in grade 2 and 3 in a Government school in Pune. During his fellowship, Santosh interacted a lot with under-served community and understood their challenges and impact of education on their lives. From 2011 to 2014, he worked as a Program Manager at Janaagraha centre for Citizenship and Democracy, Bangalore, where he led two programs, namely Jaagte Raho and Community Policing.

In 2014, he started working full-time with Mantra to ensure that students from under-served communities get access to quality education.

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