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Rahul is a Chartered Accountant and a graduate in commerce from SRCC (Delhi University). His deepest passion is to make a difference in the society by doing things with his own hand– whether it is small or big, whether tangible or intangible, financial or non-financial. He constantly look for effective solutions, i.e. which could be implemented on the ground with the minimal cost and is relevant for the target population. In this process he loves to meet new people, visit new places and learn through interaction and observation.

He has 10 years of experience working in corporates as well as schools. He had worked in PepsiCo, Aviva Life Insurance, Bharti Airtel and Sahyadri School (Krishnamurthi Foundation India). He is a Changeloom Fellow and an active Daan Utsav (formerly Joy of Giving Week) volunteer.

In Swatantra Talim, he is looking after strategy, finance, human resource and operations.

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