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With over 4 years of experience in IT, advertising and education, Neeraj is passionate about working with children and watching history take its shape in regions like Bastar. He is a creative writer and likes trying new ways of engaging with children. Recently he learnt Origami for children. He is a mechanical engineer by qualification from Dr. MGR University, Chennai and has been working in Bastar (Dantewada and Sukma) since August 2014. Being passionate about work he has been consistently working with children only and is Shiksharths’ expert at how children in the region think, behave and react.

Neeraj has been working directly with the children of Bastar from different communities since 2014 and has served more than 100 kids.  He uses creative arts, storytelling and active listening in interesting ways to interact with kids and also help them learn.

A resident of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, before moving to Bastar Neeraj was working in Pune with an advertising firm.

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