This page lists job-vacancies and internship and volunteering opportunities in our partner organizations which are working to improve school education in different parts of the country. Please note that Wipro has no role in the selection of candidates for these positions; those interested should get in touch with the organizations directly.


Context: The education system in India, with its heavy reliance on textbook content coupled with rigid assessments, often perpetuates rote learning, leaving little room to foster skills and attitudes that students need for success. Research indicates that 21st century learning and life skills such as creativity, problem solving, decision making, flexible thinking, risk taking, collaboration, communication, and more are of greater value to children’s overall growth, development, and future success than the mere assimilation of textbook content knowledge. Research also indicates that art offers children alternate entry points for learning, building their capacity to think creatively and critically, problem-solve, apply knowledge from across domains, and demonstrate their understandings in highly visible ways.

ArtSparks Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization based in Bangalore. ArtSparks works to support the creative, cognitive, social, and emotional growth and development of children, including those in under-resourced schools and underserved communities, through the medium of art. Our work is informed by 3 core beliefs: (i) 21st century learning and life skills are not optional, but a necessity; (ii) Creativity is an essential 21st century skill with far reaching benefits; and (iii) Art provides for rich and varied opportunities to develop these valuable skills and attitudes in children. ArtSparks also supports the professional development of teachers, encouraging them to reflect on their teaching practice, and explore new ways to enrich their students learning.

Programme Offerings:

Model School Initiative – Through the Model School Initiative ArtSparks offers an innovative schoolbased programme that uses art as a means to foster the development of critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication, collaboration, and other essential 21st century learning and life skills in children. Partnering schools also receive professional development for classroom teachers. ArtSparks currently serves 3 schools through the Model School Initiative.

Partnership Programme – Strategic partnerships with other like-minded organizations that work with children and/or teachers allow ArtSparks to expand its programmes reach and help further support children’s growth, development, and learning. ArtSparks currently serves children from 4 Govt.schools through the Partnership Programme.

Creative Learning Lab – Housed within under-resourced schools serving children from underserved communities, Creative Learning Labs offer a space to nurture children’s creative potential, and foster 21st century learning and life skills. Arts-based activities, materials, and resources contribute to this vibrant space for hands-on, experiential, inquiry-based learning. The Creative Learning Labs are currently being piloted at 2 schools.

Position Offered: ArtSparks is looking to hire a dynamic and highly motivated individual to strategically drive programme and organizational growth.

Primary Responsibilities (include but not limited to):

The Manager of Partnerships & Programmes will:

• Work closely with the Executive Director to further develop all aspects of ArtSparks’ programming

• Strategically identify, expand, and nurture new partnership opportunities with schools, community-based organizations, and other institutions

• Develop and strengthen existing partnerships

• Help ensure sound programme delivery (which may involve teaching and teacher training on the ground)

• Play a pivotal role in volunteer and fellows recruitment, training, mobilization and engagement, and monitoring

• Manage strong working relationships and ensure smooth and regular communication amongst all key stakeholders

• Monitor and assess partnership programs and report on outcomes and impact

Qualifications & Experiences:

• A Graduate degree or above in any discipline

• Minimum 2 years of work experience

• Background and/or experience in any of these areas—education; non-profit management; development; social entrepreneurship; marketing; business development—is an added advantage

Required Competencies:

o Commitment and passion to work at the grassroots level to positively impact children’s learning, growth, and development

o Highly self-motivated and proactive with a desire to contribute to the growth of the organization

o A high degree of integrity

o Excellent leadership skills with the ability to influence and motivate various stakeholders to work towards a common goal

o Strong interpersonal and communication skills

o Possess the ability to innovate in the face of constraints and never give up

o Possess the ability to continuously learn and reflect

o Flexible in taking on different aspects of programming and managing changes as they arise

o Willingness to travel locally when the need arises

o Proficiency in basic computer skills (i.e. Microsoft Office Suite, etc.)

Desired Competencies:

o Proficiency with spoken Kannada

Please Apply By: Tuesday, Nov. 8th, 2016

To Apply: Please email a (i) Cover Letter (expressing your interest in the position and why you think you would be a good fit), and (ii) Resume to Please include ‘Manager of Partnerships & Programmes’ in the email header.