Announcement: Due to the current pandemic and evolving situation on the ground, we regret to inform you that we are deferring applications for Cohort IX of the Wipro Seeding Program (scheduled for June 2020). New dates for application will be announced later (around August 2020); please keep watching this space for updates. Take care and stay safe.


In early 2000s Wipro started a set of deliberate initiatives deriving out of its idea of Good Citizenship and a belief that a corporation is a thriving social system of people coming together to make life better – for themselves and for the world around. Wipro’s Social and Community Initiatives are a direct reflection of these ideals. We chose school education as one of our primary areas of focus as we believe that education is a critical enabler of social change. Wipro Applying Thought in Schools (WATIS), one of Wipro’s social initiatives, has consequently been engaged in building capacities for school education reform in India for close to 15 years. We believe that Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have a significant role to play in bringing about systemic change in school education and that for a country of India’s size and diversity there needs to a large number of capable organizations engaged in this task. Over the past years, we have thus engaged with about 80 organizations of diverse kinds working in different parts of the country, many of which have made significant contributions to school education over the last decade. We further believe that it is through years of focused and sustained work that organizations achieve the deep understanding, expertise, maturity and credibility required to influence and create systemic impact; and also recognize the continuing dearth of such organizations in various parts of the country. Wipro’s Seeding Programme for Educational CSOs thus supports the creation and development of new educational organizations that can contribute meaningfully to Indian school education; by supporting committed and capable teams and individuals who share our vision of good quality education being available to every Indian child, through a 3-year Founders’ Fellowship – to set up effective educational NGOs, in geographies of their choice.   



Wipro’s Programme for Seeding Educational CSOs has 3 Stages:

Selecting capable and committed individuals is a key focus of the programme; and it does this primarily through a network of partnerships with academic institutions & fellowship programs and their alumni.

We provide up to 3 years’ seeding grant to teams/organizations in the form of Founders’ Fellowship to up to 3 founders per organization; to provide them financial flexibility to fully dedicate themselves to their ideas and cause.

An effective support structure, we believe, is critical for the learning, effectiveness and sustenance of early stage organizations. We endeavor to provide this around three axes: subject matter expertise in the domain of school education, organizational capacity (HR, legal, finance etc.) and meaningful networking with other organizations working in the same domain.

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The Seeding Programme endeavours to offer the following*


In a country such as ours achieving quality education is an extremely challenging task and it becomes imperative for the three critical stakeholders – the government, civil society organizations and the corporate sector, to work together in unison to face this challenge.

Azim Premji
Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro Limited

Over the years we have realized and learnt that a corporation’s survival and progress is a function of three key vectors – the corporation itself, the society in which it operates and the environment that envelops all of these. By design, these are also the vectors that form the crux of our corporate citizenship philosophy and the base of all our sustainability initiatives, both internal and external.’’

Anurag Behar
Anurag Behar, Chief Sustainability Officer, Wipro Limited