Wipro earthian mentors

Wipro employees have always been powerful ambassadors of the Wipro earthian program. Wipro earthian mentors are passionate Wipro employees who have helped us reach out to schools and colleges either in their cities or institutions where they have associations. We welcome Wipro earthian mentors this year as well to join in and get involved in this special 5th year of the Wipro earthian journey. They get to personally invite schools and/or colleges who would enjoy being part of this sustainability education program. It could be an institution where they studied, where their children study or where they know there are students and teachers who would enjoy this unique, learning experience.

You can refer to the Wipro earthian presentation here as an overview or a quick guide to your discussions at the institutions.

Feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications @ earthian.contact@wipro.com

Wipro earthian mentor kit

Letter to invite institutions to Wipro earthian 2017. Click here to download

5 year journey of Wipro earthian. Click here to view the video

A document with details about the program. Click here to download

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