Our Partners

ATREE (Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment)

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ATREE does research and grassroots work with local communities that combine livelihoods that derive mainly out of the natural resources with conservation efforts. ATREE’s Community-based Conservation Centres provide a platform for such engagement in forest and rural locations. The module with ATREE will help teachers and students understand the human-nature and other interconnections across water, biodiversity, agriculture, climate change etc better and also learn some research methods in the process.

The ATREE field academies support learning outside of classroom and textbook; community-based Conservation Centres (CCC) provide rich community and local interface; and field research stations provide opportunities for observations and exploring research related questions.

BLT (Bangalore Little Theater)

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BLT is one of Bangalore`s oldest and widely respected theatre group. In the 50 years since its inception, BLT has produced over 200 plays, pioneered systematic training in the theatre, initiated play development as a serious pursuit, reached out to the community.

Through the Academy of Theater Arts (ATA), they have a firm commitment to advance ‘Theater in Education (TiE)’ as a powerful tool for learning. In earthian, BLT is partnering to offer TiE and embed theater and activity based tools for sustainability learning and action in schools.

Center for Science and Environment (CSE)

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CSE`s Green Schools Program is a self-audit of the school, done by its students, on its environmental footprint and practices. The students form teams and go around the school on an exploratory journey and find out what`s happening – to the water, energy, land, air and waste in the school. How is the school managing these issues? This activity, facilitated by teachers, will help students understand the footprint of their school on the local ecology better.

For school`s which are already part of the GSP program, CSE will facilitate further action to improve the school`s footprint and practices, based on the audit findings.

centre for environment education

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Centre for Environment Education (CEE) was established in August 1984 as a Centre of Excellence supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. CEE, a national institution with its headquarters in Ahmedabad, has a mandate to promote environmental awareness nationwide.CEE is affiliated to the Nehru Foundation for Development and inherits the rich multi- disciplinary resource base and varied experience of Nehru Foundation for Development.

CEE is committed to ensuring that due recognition is given to the role of Environment Education in the promotion of sustainable development. CEE develops innovative programmes and educational material, and builds capacity in the field of education and communication for sustainable development. It undertakes demonstration projects in education, communication and development that endorse attitudes, strategies and technologies that are environmentally sustainable.

Biome Environmental Trust

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Biome Environmental Trust evolved from Biome Environmental Solutions Private Limited – a group of Architects, Urban planners and Engineers working on sustainable solutions for land-use, energy, water and sanitation in the Indian and Developing world context. The focus of all the work for Biome Environmental Trust is issues of equity and ecological sustainability. Biome has extensive experience in engaging with a diverse spectrum of citizenry and institutions to implement and drive uptake of sustainable water and sanitation practices – both in the urban and rural contexts. The constant endeavour of the Trust is to bridge practice to policy: to be able to influence policy formulation based on practice. The founder Trustee of the Trust Mr S Vishwanath is a member of multiple policy committees / subcommittees at the local, State and National levels. Blog: details the work done by the Trust.

Seasonwatch (seasonwatch.in)

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In the later part of 2013, this has been integrated in the program for schools. Seasonwatch is an India-wide citizen science program that studies the changing seasons by monitoring the seasonal cycles of flowering, fruiting and leaf-flush of common trees.


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Trucost has been helping companies, investors, governments, academics and thought leaders to understand the economic consequences of natural capital dependency for over 12 years.

Trucost`s world leading data and insight enables our clients to identify natural capital dependency across companies, products, supply chains and investments; manage risk from volatile commodity prices and increasing environmental costs; and ultimately build more sustainable business models and brands. Trucost helpins clients understand environmental risk in business terms.