Thank you for your interest in Wipro earthian, and welcome to the 7th edition.


Welcome to Wipro earthian 2017

Wipro-earthian encourages and strengthens sustainability thinking and action by introducing students to perspectives which allows them to learn in ways that are collaborative and relevant in today’s reality. Sustainability involves understanding local and global problems from climate change to scenarios of everyday living in urban spaces to how communities cope with real issues like lack of water, burden of waste, mobility challenges etc. The Wipro earthian program is meant to be an immersive sustainability education experience which helps bring the idea of sustainability to life for students, enabling them to understand that change is possible.


Wipro-earthian 2017 continues to pursue the issues of Mobility, Waste and Water and welcomes students from all disciplines to present their point of view. And just as the sustainability paradigm is constantly evolving with multiple perspectives and debates, so has the style and format for this year's project submission.

Analytical Journalism

This year's project from colleges will be an exercise in Analytical Journalism that shows the distinctive impact of historical responsibility and sustainability in your locale. This will involve research and field work that takes a systems perspective, sounds the alarm of social/business-driven failures in natural systems, vacating vast tracts of unexplored territory in the relationship between business/society and sustainability. The report should be backed by real and current research that will help sharpen distinctiveness and explore complementarities and intersections of business/society and sustainability.

Winning with the CEP

TThe Continuous Engagement Program (CEP) is a natural extension of the Wipro earthian award program and aims to promote integrated sustainability education in schools and colleges to co-create educational practices within institutions that leads to sustainability action and thinking. In colleges, the CEP is driven by a key initiatives such as Conferences and Symposiums for faculty, Sustainability Discovery Programs, Sustainability internships, Sustainability Fellowships. One of the highlights of CEP is the Wipro earthian Sustainability Internship that facilitates a diverse range of sustainability internship opportunities through our partner ecosystem for students from the winning colleges.

Stay tuned. More details on the Wipro earthian 2017 program coming to you soon.