Wipro earthian journey
Five years of Sustainability Education for Schools and Colleges

Wipro 'earthian' came into being in 2011, out of the strong conviction that building awareness is the first step towards sustainability. The vision of Wipro earthian is rooted in the challenging task that humanity faces - of finding solutions to several sustainability issues like climate change, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, etc. The project aims at building skills, attitudes and values to shape a sustainable future. Our vision is to create an informed society by nurturing sustainability ideas within young minds in schools and colleges. Over the years, Wipro earthian has evolved and became more focused. The mandate is clearly to reach out and engage a generation that will inherit the earth from us.

The Core objectives of Wipro earthian are Integrating Sustainability education into school and college curriculums, to critically engage students with sustainability issues through multiple perspectives, Driving sustainability thinking and action through the learning process and Empowering teachers and learners to drive change in their own contexts and environments.

We have reached out to over 6000 schools and 5000 colleges over the past 4 years. The major achievements of Wipro earthian over the course of these 5 years are breaking linguistic, economic and geographical barriers to reach schools and colleges throughout India and beyond. The program is evolving year on year to reach out to larger audiences, to engage teachers and students in a long term partnership , with sustainability as the main focus.

Here’s what a few students have to say about their Wipro earthian journeys:

“..I got very good chance of contributing back to the society and making a difference in terms of Sustainability..?
Soham D’Souza, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai- on his internship in Water Conservation at BIOME
“..I learnt somethings which were not part of my course, like making proposals for clients, which are not skills taught in college..?
Yousuf Bootwala, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai- internship at BIOME
“ We found out some absurd facts which we didn’t think would be possible, like 5 companies are consuming half of the world’s water supply and that was extremely shocking?
Vasundra, Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore
“ We found out through this exercise that we are wasting 100 liters of water, and the fact that other schools are also wasting a lot of water was something to think about?
Umesh, Rajakiya Jain Gurukul, Beawar

Welcome to Wipro earthian 2016

Wipro earthian 2015 aims to bring you a fresh perspective on current realities. Consider a few mentioned below:

Drinking water, on which mankind is dependent on, is in short supply. Global reserves of drinkable water are a fraction of 1% and one in five people do not have access to drinking water. In many regions where water is scarce and conflicts over access to water have already broken out. California faces one of the worst droughts in over a century. A large part of our own country is threatened by drought this year. It has never been a more important time to reflect on the loss of our world’s Biodiversity. While it is heartening to know that some endangered species are slowly making a comeback, there is still a lot of work to be done to protect and preserve the existing species, which are being endangered at a rate faster than ever before.

Our cities are growing constantly, which puts enormous pressures on our finite natural resources. This increase in rampant Urbanisation has left us with many challenges. Challenges with issues of sustainable transport, waste management and efficient use of our limited water sources, among many others . These challenges require feasible, intelligent solutions and a population which is informed and ready to tackle them effectively.

With these issues in mind our aim for earthian 2015 is to continue to build awareness, teach responsibility to take ownership for one´s actions as concerned citizens of the planet. Please see below details of our program for both schools and colleges.

Earthian Teachers

Since the inception of our earthian program, teachers have played a pivotal role in inspiring, motivating and supervising students. As our encouraging ambassadors, they have carried our message into their classrooms. In time, when sustainability education will be part of every educational curriculum, our earthian teachers will be at the forefront of the new reform.

The earthian program

The program includes detailed and intensive knowledge-building activities that connect students, teachers, educational institutions, to Wipro, and to subject matter experts from the various field within sustainability. These learnings will create lasting behavioural changes that are based on multiple perspectives and experience and not mere textual information.

earthian project flow

earthian comprises of three sections, to be handled by students. The activities include studying the provided course material (kit) that has been compiled by experts, research, and hands-on application of the findings, completing the project report under the supervision of teachers, and finally, submission of the report.

earthian awards

Once submitted, the reports from across India will be reviewed by a panel of judges and the 10 best submissions will be selected to be a part of a grand awards ceremony held in Bangalore. Winners get the opportunity to receive their prizes from Wipro Chairman, Mr. Azim Premji.

Continuous Engagement Program (CEP)

Winning schools and colleges become part of a three year Continuous Engagement Program which enables students to intern at Wipro or with our partner organizations. They get the opportunity to interact with industry and sustainability experts, learn more, and finish with a challenging and unique internship experience on their resume.

earthian Schools: Through this program, earthian aims at providing exposure to multiple perspectives, within the student´s peer group and the world around them. Until 2015, the main topic for the earthian schools project was water; for 2015, we have widened our horizons to include biodiversity. Students may select either topic and enroll in the program.

Eligibility: Students in class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

*The program accepts submissions in Hindi and in English.

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Sustainability & Water


earthian Colleges : The earthian college program is a more intense program, as it ensures that individuals understand how their actions impact the environment. Activities include mapping individual carbon footprints, gaining information on a variety of related issues and submission of essays on these topics

Eligibility: Students who have enrolled for undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral , professional courses. Students pursuing Diploma and other vocational technical courses who have completed 1 year of education after 10th standard can also participate in the college category.